What Is Sugartime?

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What does it mean? Well, here's a little background:

On her second day on the job, the appropriately named Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings wrote an open letter to PBS, complaining about an upcoming episode of the popular children's program Postcards from Buster. The episode is about making maple syrup in Vermont . . . and features a little girl with two mommies. The show's mission is to reflect diversity, but Spellings and James Dobson and the rest of the Soft Focus on the Family gang don't like that. In fact, they claim that "tolerance" and "love" are actually homosexual buzzwords - how funny is that??

The title of said episode?: "Sugartime!" Now that Spellings has brought it to our attention, doesn't that word sound a little suggestive? Especially when combined with the image of the thick, warm sap . . . rushing forth . . . from beneath the tender, supple skin . . . of the maple tree . . . . (Whew, is it hot in here?)

So we put forth for your consideration a new word:

Sugartime means "sexual relations between women." As in, "Sarah and Sally went home early to enjoy some sugartime." Yet within days of the term being coined, it had already been coopted by straight culture. As in, "Michael rolled over as if to go to sleep, but Jenn said, 'Uh, how about a little sugartime?'" Sugartime can also be used as an adjective to describe something fabulous: "That party was sugartime!"; "Your girlfriend is sugartime!"

(For another example of slang created in response to right-wing nutjobs, google "santorum" and check out the very first result.)

The Fallout
PBS backed down and won't distribute the episode to its 350 stations. They feature programs with Tucker Carlson and the Wall Street Journal editorial board, but teach kids tolerance? Nah. However, WGBH, the Boston public TV station, says that it will air the episode and will make it available to other stations that want to show it; so far, 45 stations plan to air "Sugartime!", including New York, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Paul, and Portland, OR.

Call your local PBS station and ask them to air "Sugartime!"
If they're airing it, thank them . . . then look up the Alabama station and call them.

Tell PBS you disapprove of kowtowing to the conservative agenda!
Pat Mitchell, President
(703) 739-5000

Give Sec. Spellings a piece of your mind
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Read more about the 11-year-old girl and her family featured in "Sugartime!"

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