Choose between the standard Brewnettes image or Booty in a Bottle.
Women's (American Apparel styles!), men's, and children's sizes are available.


Only $25! E-mail shirts(at) to order yours now.

Brewnettes magnets are also available for $5 each.

T-shirt FAQ

Q. Will my shirt last forever?
A. No. Nothing lasts forever. But if you take care of your shirt, it will last a good long time. Wash it inside out, preferably by hand, and do not put it in the dryer.

Q. What colors and styles are available?
A. The standard Brewnettes shirt comes in black. Women's shirts are available in two American Apparel styles: sleeveless muscle tee and short-sleeved baby tee. Men's shirts are short-sleeved. Booty in a Bottle is available for women only, in a pink or brown short-sleeved tee. Sugartime is available as a white ribbed tank top (okay . . . "wifebeater") in men's and women's sizes.

Q. How soon will I get my shirt?
A. Well, that depends on how soon you send a check, doesn't it? E-mail shirts(at) to discuss payment options.

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