Thursday, January 20, 2005

The UnAugural Ball

Organized by Drinking Liberally

Join the Brewnettes for the inauguration of this latest ale: a strong, dark, and bitter brew. Winter came early in November, and it'll be here a long time . . . . So drink up!

Where: The Tank, 432 West 42nd Street
When: 7:30pm onward
What: Liberal libations, left-leaning camaraderie, festive dress, and defiant dancing

FREE admission

"It's got a little kick in it!"
Thus proclaimed Terry McAuliffe after taking a swig of Winter of Our Discontent Ale, the latest potable by the Brewnettes. Yes, indeed, I presented the Chairman with a bottle of artisanal beer during our meeting at the DNC Wednesday afternoon. He immediately asked for a bottle opener and had a drink - it was the eve of the inauguration, after all.

Winter of Our Discontent is a dark and bitter brew. Winter came early in November, and it's going to last a long time. Which is why this porter has an extra "kick": a high alcohol content. Drink it tonight with friends and comrades.